Program Notes

"Genesis" is an ancient Greek (and then Latin) term meaning birth or generation. Both movements of this work seem to evolve out of the very opening materials in a gradual way that suggests that it takes a while for the material to become fully formed. For similar reasons, the first book of the Bible-- which gives an account for the creation of the world--is titled Genesis. Furthermore, the book is filled with iconic stories of right and wrong, good and evil (Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Noah's Arc, etc.) and in a parallel way, this piece have several little "stories" within each movement. Unlike Genesis of the Bible, however, this piece is not intended to have any particular religious overtones. "Genesis was commissioned by pianist Sonia K. Vlahcevic, and received its first performance by Ms.. Vlahcevic and percussionist Kristopher S. Keeton