Program Notes

The title Daylight at Midnight is intended to “reflect” elements of despair and hope captured so movingly in Arthur Koestler’s novel Darkness at Noon. He spoke about another time and place, but grave issues are very much alive in contemporary American life. At the same time, this work’s emphasis on daylight suggests an unerring optimism, delusional though it may be. The first movement begins with quiet, night sounds but quickly evolves to the sounds of people desperately trying to party. Soloists emerge, imploring the revelers to deal with the issues at hand, but the frantic dance only intensifies. The second movement is a mournful meditation, while the third movement is resolute, garnering strength to find and nourish daylight at midnight. The work was commissioned by the Chicago Chamber Musicians and premiered by the CCM Brass Quintet in Chicago, October, 2005.