Program Notes

Program Notes In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the antithetical yet mutual correlations of phenomena in the natural world, In combining to create a unity of opposites, the concept is a paradox. Yin is the dark element, passive, dark, downward-seeking, while yang represents the bright element, active, and upward-seeking. Yin is often symbolized by water and air, while yang is often symbolized by fire and earth. Just as all forces in nature can maintain these states, this piece explores the same material, yet from extremely opposite perspectives. The first movement is lyrical and searching; the second is active and powerful. Unlike a contradiction, however, a paradox often allows for some kind of resolution, and it is hoped that between the two movements a dramatic balance is achieved. Paradox was commissioned by Hastings College, and the first performance was given by Marc LaChance, trombone, and Jonathan Sokasits, piano, February, 2008.