Program Notes

Program Notes The mind is in large part a series of mirrors that allow us to see ourselves, yet always in our own light; to see around blind corners, yet always through our own psyche; to see behind us, but only within the mirror’s frame. Mirrors allow us to see more of reality, yet always within our own context. To grow, we must from time to time alter the light and rhythms of our lives--light to see familiar images more clearly, rhythm to change a mirror’s position. And in the process we must hold close the more elusive meaning of “mirror” as suggested in its Latin root “mirari” which means “to wonder at”. This piece is a meditation on such reflections. It was commissioned by, and is dedicated to the Ithaca Woodwind Quintet, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts. They gave the first performance at the National Flute Convention, Boston.